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Is INNOVO Right For Me?

Do you leak when doing everyday things like working out, coughing or laughing? Urinary incontinence is commonly caused by pelvic floor weakness. Discover INNOVO pelvic floor trainer and treat your leaks for good.

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1 in 3 Women Experience Bladder Leaks – YOU ARE NOT ALONE

I leak when I cough, laugh, sneeze.

I leak when I cough, laugh, sneeze.

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I leak after having a baby.

I leak after having a baby.

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I leak after starting menopause.

I leak after starting menopause.

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I leak after prostate surgery.

I leak after prostate surgery.

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Say Goodbye to Pads, Liners and Leakproof Underwear

What is INNOVO? It’s one smart pair of non-invasive, shorts that you wear for 30 minutes a day. Our clever technology takes the guesswork out of doing those tricky kegel exercises. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over the course of 12 weeks, safely and from the comfort of your own home.

  • Multipath Shorts
    Multipath Shorts
  • Prep Spray
    Prep Spray
  • Kegel Controller
    Kegel Controller
  • 80%

    of Users Saw a Significant Reduction In Leaks After 4 Weeks1

  • 87%

    of Users Were Defined As Dry Or Nearly Dry After 12 Weeks2

  • 90%

    of Users Would Recommend The Therapy To Others3


Solve Bladder Leaks For Good

The answer is a strong pelvic floor. Our smart technology automatically engages your entire pelvic floor to strengthen the muscles and increase bladder control. Results in as little as 4 weeks

Our Multipath Technology engages your pelvic floor muscles to deliver 180 precise Kegels per session.

INNOVO is a non-invasive solution Simply slip on the shorts for 30 minutes per day.

Use from the comfort of your own home - no more office visits.

Clinically proven to eliminate SUI leaks without any side effects.


12 Weeks to Living Life Leak-Free

Week 1

Start with 30 minute sessions, 5 days a week. Slowly increase intensity as you progress.

Week 4

After using Innovo consistently, your pelvic floor is getting stronger and you are noticing fewer leaks. Yay!

Week 12

You’ll be leak free after addressing the root cause of incontinence. Your pelvic floor is strong and so are you!

98% of DoctorsRecommend INNOVO

The pelvic floor is a hidden muscle that weakens over time. INNOVO re-educates the pelvic floor and strengthens it from the inside out to fix the root cause of leaks.

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“Patient oriented, patient engaging, easy to use and ready for when the patient wants it. The ideal way to do pelvic floor stimulation!”

“INNOVO offers women comfortable, discreet and effective treatment for their incontinence whenever they want it. ”

“Finally, a solution for women who have bladder control problems that does not involve surgery and can be used at home.”

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is INNOVO safe for me to use?

Yes, INNOVO is safe. More than 5 million sessions have been completed worldwide with no serious complications reported.

Who should not use INNOVO?

INNOVO should not be used if the patient:

- Has a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or any implanted electronic device
- Is pregnant
- Has a suspected or diagnosed heart condition, without consulting a clinician first
- Has any implanted metal devices in the abdominal or pelvic areas including an Intrauterine Device (IUD)
- Has epilepsy or is under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction
- Is wearing the product necessitates placement over areas at which drugs/medicines are administered by injection
- Do not use in close proximity (e.g. 3ft) to shortwave or microwave therapy equipment, as this may produce instability in the controller’s output

You should wait before using INNOVO until:

- At least six months after child birth or until lactation has ceased
- The heavy days of period have finished

What if the sensation is uncomfortable?

With INNOVO, you control the intensity of the muscle stimulation. The stimulation should be strong enough to give you a good pelvic floor contraction but should never be uncomfortable or painful. If you experience discomfort during your session, reduce the intensity to a more comfortable level.

As with any treatment program, it will take time to experience results with INNOVO. We recommend that you continue to use INNOVO for at least three months, 5 times a week for 30 minutes each session to get the best possible results.

Uncomfortable stimulation may also occur if you have not applied enough INNOVO Spray. Make sure to spray each of the eight panels 3-4 before each use.

What does INNOVO feel like?

There are 2 INNOVO programmes:

Programme 1: Stress Incontinence Programme: As you increase the intensity on the controller you will start to feel your pelvic floor contracting. With an effective pelvic floor contraction, you will feel a sensation of “squeezing”, “tightening” and or “lifting up” between your legs. You should feel little or no activity on the front and sides of the legs. As you become familiar with the sensation you should increase the intensity level over time to reach the optimum level of for your sizing. There shouldn’t be any activity on the front or sides of the legs.

Programme 2: Urge Incontinence Programme: At first you will begin to feel a slight tapping sensation under the 2 electrodes positioned on your buttocks. Continue to increase the intensity until you feel a strong tapping, but only to a level you find comfortable.

Here's how some INNOVO customers explain the sensation:

“It feels quite pleasant. I stand and watch television, and find it quite relaxing. The time passes quickly.” – INNOVO user

“Kind of relaxing. Time for me and doing me good. Feels like I'm exercising - with no effort!” – INNOVO user

“A tingling and pulsing sensation as the light electric impulses cause your muscle group to tense and relax.” – INNOVO user

4.5 Million Safe And Successful<br> Sessions (And Counting!)<sup>1</sup>

4.5 Million Safe And Successful
Sessions (And Counting!)1

87% Of Women Were Defined As Dry<br> Or Nearly Dry After 3 Months<sup>2</sup>

87% Of Women Were Defined As Dry
Or Nearly Dry After 3 Months2

80% of women saw results in<br> 4 weeks in clinical trials<sup>1</sup>

80% of women saw results in
4 weeks in clinical trials1

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:<br> Try INNOVO Kit Risk-Free!

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee:
Try INNOVO Kit Risk-Free!


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