My INNOVO Journey - April, 46

A little bit about me.

I am a retired military wife of two adult children (22 & 20). I grew up in Arizona and married my high school sweetheart at 23 and gave birth to my first child at 24. From then on for the next 20 years, we moved around every 3-4 years including overseas. Currently, I am a part-time substitute teacher, avid traveler, yoga student, and working to further my education by pursuing a graduate degree.

My first experience with bladder leaks.

About 20 years ago after the birth of my son, weighing a whopping 9 1/2 pounds.

How bladder leaks made me feel.

Old and embarrassed especially in the bedroom because I would leak urine during four play and intercourse. I could not relax or be free, I felt restricted and ashamed of my body and what it was doing.

What I tried before INNOVO, with no results.

Medication, Kegel exercises, and pelvic floor therapy.

Why I purchased INNOVO.

I wanted to start working towards a better lifestyle and didn’t want to eventually have to wear bladder protection in the form of “diapers”.

What INNOVO feels like to me.

INNOVO feels like I am awaking parts of my body that have been asleep for 20 years. I feel things move that I haven’t felt move in a long time.

When I started to see results with INNOVO.

I was so surprised! I started to see results in 2-3 weeks.

How I feel now that I no longer need to worry about bladder leaks.

I feel energized, confident, and younger. I am excited that I found something that actually helped to fix my problem instead of masking it with something like medication and sticking a Band-Aid on it.

Something I no longer avoid or am afraid to do because of INNOVO.

I am free in the bedroom to be more intimate with my husband, and I look forward to going back to the theater and enjoying a show without having to get up and go to the bathroom once or twice.

How INNOVO has changed my life.

INNOVO has given me my confidence back. I feel free to try new things and be adventurous because I don’t have the thought of “peeing my pants” every time I leave my house.

My advice for other women suffering from incontinence.

Stop masking your symptoms with medication and spending so much money of pads or liners. Give INNOVO a try.