My INNOVO Journey - Kath, 51

After spending 10 years suffering from severe bladder weakness, a 51-year-old mum of one Kath knew that ‘enough was enough’. Leaking through pads, fear of laughing and being housebound were some of the many struggles that Kath put up with for far too long.

About 10 years ago, I was shopping with my daughter who was very young at the time and I felt an uncontrollable urge to use the toilet. It was a sudden and desperate feeling, and so I didn’t make it and ended up wetting myself. I was mortified. I tried to convince myself it was a one-off, but after that incident, my urinary incontinence was constant. I was only in my 40’s and felt like this shouldn’t be happening to me.

I initially kept it to myself, but when it became unbearable, I confided in my mum. She tried to be supportive, she’d never experience bladder control issues herself, and this only made me feel even more anxious and alone in the situation.

Before the incontinence kicked in, I was on a weight loss journey and had taken up jogging, and this with the onset of the bladder issues, this just became impossible. I was using pads to try to manage the leakage, but they were soaked through by the time I got home. I tried gym classes instead because they were at least indoors within close proximity to the toilets. But after a few accidents and frantic bee-lines for the loos, my confidence began to plummet, and it felt degrading.

Impact of Bladder Weakness on Family Life

As time went on, my family were all too aware of my constant need to have a toilet nearby and the fact that I couldn’t live my life the way I used to. But they had no idea of what was going on inside as I put on a front for them and tried to make light of the situation. Family holidays were the most difficult times.

Incontinence Treatment Options

When it finally reached a point where I was too anxious to laugh because I knew the consequence would be wetting myself, same with sneezing, I realised enough was enough. I investigated various treatment options which were mostly unhelpful. I was recommended to use probes which I didn’t like the sound of as they are invasive and associated with infections. I then came across INNOVO and learned that they could non-invasively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence, and while I was a bit apprehensive at first, I knew I had to give it go.

“I’ve now completed the 12-week INNOVO cycle and I can’t believe how amazing the results are – I’m dry for the first time in 10 years!”

I saw a huge improvement after 4 weeks. I started to wear smaller pads and was starting to feel like me again. Each week the symptoms gradually started to improve. Seven weeks into the treatment we went on holiday and it was the first holiday in 10 years that I really enjoyed. I was back playing beach games with my daughter, which I love. I’ve now completed the 12-week INNOVO cycle and I can’t believe how amazing the results are – I’m dry for the first time in 10 years!

I am feeling like me again; I can laugh when I want to laugh and enjoy the moment, rather than looking around for the loo or worrying about having to change my pad. I just believe in this product so much. INNOVO gave me my life back and was the best investment I ever made!