INNOVO Improves Quality of Life For Patients


Treatment with INNOVO significantly improves the quality of life scores and reduces urine leaks over a 26-week period.

A 26-week pilot study of women with stress urinary incontinence who followed the INNOVO treatment regimen found significant improvement in their symptoms:

  • An improvement in incontinence quality of life score after 12 weeks of treatment with INNOVO compared with baseline (mean score 47 at baseline compared to 81 at 26 weeks)1

An observational study on the impact of INNOVO on incontinence and quality of life, in which 104 patients from 25 German therapy centres participated for a period of 14 weeks, showed that:

  • On this scale, the quality of life index has improved from 51 to 66 points (average of points) with similar improvements in the individual domains of ‘prevention and behavioural restrictions’, ‘psychosocial effects’, and ‘social impairments’1
  • Very good (34%) or good (51%) compliance with INNOVO in 85% of patients as perceived by the doctors participating in the study2