INNOVO is Clinically Proven to Treat Bladder Weakness


A 26-week pilot study of women with stress urinary incontinence who followed the INNOVO treatment regimen for 12 weeks found significant improvement in their symptoms:

  • An improvement in the amount of involuntary urine leaked over 1 hour in 93% of INNOVO users after 4 weeks of treatment, where 60% were defined as dry1
  • An average74% reduction in involuntary urine loss over 24 hours after 12 weeks of treatment, where 86% of INNOVO users were defined as dry or almost dry2
  • An improvement in the Modified Oxford Score (standing position) after treatment with INNOVO,where 79% of patients had good or moderate pelvic floor muscle contractions at 12 weeks, compared with 6% at baseline1 

Patients’ pelvic floor muscle contractility improved over 12 weeks of INNOVO treatment