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How to Use INNOVO

INNOVO's pelvic floor trainer uses smart technology that is clinically proven to strengthen your pelvic floor and eliminate bladder leaks from the comfort of your home.

<b>Step 1</b><br>Spray the sensors and pull on the shorts

Step 1
Spray the sensors and pull on the shorts

<b>Step 2</b><br>Connect to the controller and adjust the pulse level

Step 2
Connect to the controller and adjust the pulse level

<b>Step 3</b><br>Settle into one of the recommended positions

Step 3
Settle into one of the recommended positions

<b>Step 4</b><br>After 30 minutes you’ve completed 180 perfect pelvic floor contractions

Step 4
After 30 minutes you’ve completed 180 perfect pelvic floor contractions

Don't Just Tolerate Incontinence

Don't Just Tolerate Incontinence

Are your days dictated by leaks? Scared about laughing, coughing or running in case a little urine comes out by accident?.

Urinary incontinence in men and women is common but you don’t have to deal with it. Throw out those pads and liners that only conceal the problem - target the cause of bladder leaks with a pelvic floor trainer.

    INNOVO’s Pelvic Floor Trainer

    INNOVO’s Pelvic Floor Trainer

    There are different types of incontinence that can be caused by a variety of factors, but in most cases, targeting the very root of the issue, weak pelvic floor muscles, will fix incontinence. That’s exactly what INNOVO does.

    INNOVO shorts work as a pelvic floor trainer, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles for you - so you can say goodbye to leaks and get your confidence back, without having to manually perform pelvic floor exercises

    All you have to do is wear the INNOVO shorts 5 days a week for 30 minutes at a time for just 12 weeks and you’ll be on your journey to a leak-free life. Many people start to see results after only 4 weeks.

    Our pelvic floor trainer is made using smart technology that automatically engages your entire pelvic floor to strengthen the muscles and increase bladder control.

      What Makes INNOVO’s Pelvic Floor Trainer Different?

      Multipath Technology engages your pelvic floor muscles to deliver 180 precise pelvic floor contractions per session, leaving no room for guesswork or performing your pelvic floor exercises wrong. INNOVO is a non-invasive solution. Unlike other pelvic floor trainers, no equipment needs to be inserted into the body. It’s as easy as wearing the INNOVO shorts for 30 minutes daily. Our pelvic floor trainer is clinically proven to eliminate leaks without any side effects.
      Don’t Make Me Laugh, I’ll Wet Myself

      Don’t Make Me Laugh, I’ll Wet Myself

      A common phrase among my female friends and I is that we say “Don’t make me laugh, I’ll wet myself”, which is ridiculous! It’s just one of those ‘accepted’ things which we all just put up with because we’ve all had kids. - Nadia Sawalha

      Nadia is a British TV presenter and INNOVO brand ambassador - she has experienced the positive impact of using INNOVO’s pelvic floor trainer first hand to treat her urinary incontinence - now, she encourages others to communicate about their pelvic floor problems and take action.

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      Still Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

      Who should not use INNOVO?
      INNOVO is not suitable for everyone and should not be used if you have a cardiac pacemaker, are pregnant, suspected or diagnosed heart condition, implanted metal device, has epilepsy.

      Check is suitable for you by checking our usage guidance & warnings.
      How do I use INNOVO?

      For details on how to use INNOVO, please reference our quick start guide. For more information on treatment positions and to see how to get started with INNOVO, please see our videos below:

      What does INNOVO feel like?
      Here's how some INNOVO customers explain the sensation:

      “It feels quite pleasant. I stand and watch television, and find it quite relaxing. The time passes quickly.” – INNOVO user:

      “Kind of relaxing. Time for me and doing me good. Feels like I'm exercising - with no effort!” – INNOVO user:

      “A tingling and pulsing sensation as the light electric impulses cause your muscle group to tense and relax.” – INNOVO user
      Do I have to continue to use INNOVO to sustain my results?
      Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor after the three-month program depends on the individual and their specific condition and improvement rate. As a general guide, we recommend you reduce the use of INNOVO from five days a week after 3 months to 1-2 times a week. This will ensure that the results achieved during the three-month program will be sustained. The pelvic floor is like any muscle that needs to be exercised to work at its optimum, so it’s good to keep things tip in good order.
      A Leak-Free Life Is Within Reach. Try INNOVO Risk-Free Today.
      A Leak-Free Life Is Within Reach. Try INNOVO Risk-Free Today.

      You will receive everything you need to complete 30 hours of treatment in your kit.