Dr. Ruth Maher On What Exactly Is Multipath Technology

Dear Dr. Ruth,

I’ve been leaking ever since I gave birth to my second daughter nearly six years ago. I’m an avid runner, I love being active and my leaking has seriously affected my lifestyle. I’m ready to give INNOVO a shot, but I don’t quite understand how it all works. Can you explain what you mean by “Multipath technology?”


Science Was Never My Strong Suit, Hartford, CT

Dear Science Was Never My Strong Suit,

I know it sounds like something out of the future, but Multipath technology - in its most basic terms - means delivering something in various ways and “paths,” as opposed to just one direct path. Think about a shower head. Would you prefer one path of water flow, or would you benefit more from having the water spread out through a few paths that can reach more areas of your body?

In the case of INNOVO, we use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to work out  weakened pelvic floor muscles with the idea that it will become stronger over time (and thus be able to help keep pee inside the bladder). We do this through multipath technology. So we are delivering the EMS through various paths and to different places. This idea proved way more effective than simply delivering EMS through only one path. That’s why, when you put on the INNOVO shorts, you can feel the contraction points throughout your upper thighs, seat and pelvic region, ie more paths equals more impact. 

How did this all come about? You may ask. Well, I knew a lot about electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and I had the chance to develop a device in Dublin as a pilot for my PhD. Initially I trained women on doing contractions, but realized 50% of women couldn’t do it. Their pelvic muscles were invisible. I could see on ultrasound imaging when women were trying to contract. This kind of imaging helped validate the device, and I could also see where to place the eight electrodes around the pelvis and upper leg and thighs, hence the many paths. We started using multipath stimulation to send currents in different pathways to send contractions in different places.

INNOVO is a non-invasive device that finds the most impactful points around your pelvic region to deliver 180 perfect Kegels per session and strengthens your pelvic floor from home. It’s also super simple to use-- you just slip on the shorts! Try INNOVO for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, and 87% of women are dry in just 12 weeks.

Updated on Mar-14-22

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