5 Summer Trends To Try Once You’re Dry

5 Summer Trends To Try Once You’re Dry

Hello, Jumpsuits!!!


When you experience bladder leakage and stress urinary incontinence, you likely feel excluded from enjoying certain fashion trends. How can you possibly wear white trousers when you’re nervous about leaking? Or a jumpsuit that you’re constantly pulling up and down in angst-ridden fear? Forget it! But, after 12 weeks with INNOVO, you might be ready to shelve your 24/7 black leggings and enjoy some of Summer's best fashion statements. We’re breaking down just a few of our favourites that you can be ready to rock on your path to dryness.


  1. Get Bold: If autumn and winter are all about muted, hushed tones, the spring and summer season is all about embracing colour. Plus once you’re dry you can shed your hide-my-pee-stain black for brighter options. From neon yellows to bright pinks, incorporating a pop of colour into your look will instantly make you feel as sunny as you look - especially with a bit of a tan as the summer heats up. Experiment with mixing and matching different colours, or opt for a monochromatic look with a single bold hue.


  1. Harness The One-And-Done: Wearing a jumpsuit is a near impossible feat when you need to pee every five minutes, but now that you’re dry, go ahead and rock it. The jumpsuit trend for spring features a range of styles, from utilitarian to playful. Military-inspired jumpsuits with cargo pockets and zippers are perfect for a casually stylish look come daytime, while cutout styles with sheer details are glam enough for a fun evening out. We also love the wide leg trouser version, offering a more relaxed and comfortable silhouette. 


  1. Opt for Wide Leg Trousers: We simply can’t get enough. Wide leg trousers are not only comfortable and chic, but they’re perfect for warmer weather and can be dressed up or down. Pair them with a crop top for a hot night out, or a fitted shirt for a chic daytime look. Rock that nautical statement with a neutral pair of sailor pants matched to a navy stop. 


  1. Rock the High Waist Denim: You’re in luck. The trend you’ve been avoiding for the last few years isn’t going anywhere. So once you’re dry, you can finally get in on this cool, urban look. Think about the days you saw all those other women rocking their trendy high-waisted denim and thought, There’s no way I could get a pad in there. Now that your pee issues are under control, it’s time to slip on those waist-cinching jeans. For a flattering Summer look, pair them with a tucked-in tee-shirt (it will keep the look streamlined) and a blazer. A chunky sandal compliments the look (and your legline!). 


  1. Reach For The Wear White Pants: Skinny white jeans or pants paired with an off-white sweater or tank look incredibly chic on summer days. Since you’re no longer having to worry about yellow stains popping up from leaks, you don’t even have to only reach for tops that cover your bum. If you’re shopping for the perfect white jeans, look for a thicker denim that won’t show every bump and pick an ankle length hem—this will allow you to pair them with just about any shoe.


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