Midulting is Hard. Treating Bladder Leaks Shouldn't Be

INNOVO can help you turn your pelvic floor from your nemesis into your superpower!

“We’ve only been using Innovo for three weeks and we’ve both already noticed a difference - it’s such a relief to feel less panicky." Annabel & Emilie, The Midults

Growing up is tough, for all of us. So we teamed up with The Midult for a much-needed dose of humour on the journey. On their podcast, I’m Absolutely Fine But,

Annabel and Emilie take on the taboo surrounding bladder leaks and explore everything from pelvic floor health to the art of the perfect kegel.

Tune in to The Midult Podcast here.


Time to give ‘Inner Strength’ a whole new meaning

Don’t blame leaks on your bladder. It’s your pelvic floor muscles letting you down. When this indispensable support system is weakened it can play havoc. The good news is that like any other muscle, you can strengthen it.

Pull on the INNOVO shorts with built-in sensors. You switch it on, it recruits all the relevant muscles and you spend 30 minutes relaxing while your pelvic floor is put through its paces by its own personal trainer.

A stronger pelvic floor is going to give you stronger bladder control, so that trampoline will quake at the sight of you walking towards it! Improved posture and better core strength because the pelvic floor is the canopy that supports your entire core.

  • INNOVO Technology engages your pelvic floor muscles to deliver 180 precise Kegels per session
  • INNOVO is a non-invasive solution, its technology is embedded in the shorts. Simply slip on the shorts for 30 minutes
  • Kick back, relax and use INNOVO from the comfort of your own home
  • Clinically proven to eliminate leaks without any side effects