INNOVO Partners With Gen M in the Menopause Revolution

INNOVO Partners With Gen M in the Menopause Revolution

Discover the organisation that’s changing the conversation around perimenopause and menopause

Here are a few startling statistics to think about: 50 percent of women can’t name any phases of menopause and can name only three of its 48 symptoms. Three out of four women claim to be uninformed about the effects of menopause, while two out of three women claim to have been “blindsided” by it altogether. With 15.5 million menopausal women in the UK alone, that’s a lot of misinformation - or lack of information - circulating around this major life experience.

That’s why it’s time to change the menopause conversation, and create entirely new ones, too. Menopause is more than hot flashes and mood swings. It’s a huge physical and emotional journey for women, and one that affects all parts of society. Gen M believes that we need to make menopause better for all of us - from friends and family to colleagues and consumers. The organisation is on the front lines of women’s health uniting brands, organisations and employers to improve the menopause experience and to keep perimenopausal and menopausal women from being overlooked at home, at work and across their communities. Only then can women embark on this journey with support, education and confidence. In other words, Gen M is normalising the normal and driving real change. And INNOVO has signed on to help.

Since Dr. Ruth Maher co-invented INNOVO, our mission has been to help women overcome the physical, emotional and financial consequences of pelvic health issues. One-third of women suffer from urinary incontinence (a.k.a ‘bladder leaks’), while more than 50 percent of women experience it at the peri and menopausal stage. The reason? Menopause causes your ovaries to stop producing oestrogen, the hormone responsible for keeping your pelvic floor muscles healthy and tight. Consequently, the pelvic floor weakens and results in incontinence. While totally treatable, this issue has always been considered just a fact of life, but it’s not.

So we’re taking ownership of our part of the conversation. INNOVO has signed the Gen M pledge by becoming one of the 48 Founding Members of Gen M to revolutionise attitudes towards menopause. Gen M’s mission marries perfectly with our desire to drive change, broaden awareness and increase education around menopause, particularly as it pertains to pelvic floor health. As a women’s health company and employer of women, we’re aware of the many challenges women face, so we also support our female employees when they need it most.

While menopause affects women in more than 48 different ways (think body odour, anxiety, panic disorders, acne, fatigue, sore breasts….we could go on), bladder leakage doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s our pledge to Gen M, to empower perimenopausal and menopausal women to take on this journey with confidence, humour, support....and one less symptom.

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