Providing Solutions for Bladder Problems in Women

Have you ever had a concern about your health but you felt too embarrassed to talk to your doctor? Or, have you found the courage to speak to your doctor, only to be ignored or misdiagnosed?

Well, you’re not alone.

The Government recognises there’s a health gap between the services and treatments received by men and women. Stigma and taboos in women’s health often stop women from talking about their health and seeking support. Research on women's health is limited and more data is needed in order to improve health services for women. To address this, the Government has produced the Women's Health Strategy, a public survey inviting women to share their views and experiences of the health system.

How INNOVO Is Prioritising Women’s Health Concerns

We share the Government’s vision to close the gender health gap. Bladder problems in women should not be ignored and we want to see health products and services provided that meet women’s needs. Here at INNOVO we are breaking taboos and providing the solution to bladder leaks, whilst empowering women.

Research from the Bladder and Bowel Foundation showed 1 in 3 women experience bladder leaks (1). Women can experience bladder weakness at various stages of their lives, for example:

  • During pregnancy or after giving birth
  • During menopause
  • When involved in high impact sports

The Government has acknowledged that pregnant women and women of childbearing age are also under-represented in clinical trials, which can create troubling gaps in data and understanding.

Women believe bladder weakness is a stage of life to be accepted and the subject is often joked about - yet, the social, emotional, and physical impact of bladder weakness on a woman’s life can be devastating.

Research by INNOVO in the UK revealed 60% of women were embarrassed by their bladder weakness (2). Further research by INNOVO highlights women are missing out on enjoying their lives to the full. For example, 56% of women said they avoid social events and 27% shared their sex lives are negatively affected (4).

INNOVO is changing this. We don’t believe women should accept bladder weakness. We offer a solution to stop bladder leaks whilst equipping women to live life to the full.


INNOVO is designed with you in mind. INNOVO is a pair of shorts (yep, that’s right, no probe here) you wear at home for 30 minutes, over a 5-day period for 12 weeks. Our clever, yet simple, technology helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles safely and effortlessly. INNOVO is a clinically proven, long-lasting solution to treat the issue of bladder leaks. Clinical data showed 87% of users commented they were dry, or near dry, after 12 weeks (3). Read more about how INNOVO works.

INNOVO is breaking taboos, advocating for change, and leading the way. We created INNOVO to liberate women from the physical and mental stress of bladder leaks. We’re strengthening women from the inside-out. We support prioritizing women’s health so they can live a full, active, and healthy life.

We want to encourage you to take part in the Government’s survey so women’s health services can improve. Women deserve to be heard and their health needs met.

To find out how INNOVO’s cutting-edge weak bladder treatment can help you stop bladder leaks and regain your confidence, learn more.


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