Women Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Pee Moments

Women Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Pee Moments

If you are dealing with incontinence issues, chances are, you’ve experienced an embarrassing accident—just like these ladies.

Downward—Oh No! Sara, 32

“I love to workout—it makes me feel strong and calms my mind. So, I was thrilled when my doctor cleared me to exercise six weeks after the birth of my daughter. I wanted to start with something gentle, so I went to a yoga class at my neighborhood studio. I wore my favorite light gray compression leggings and placed my mat in the front row. Class was going well and I was happy I was able to keep up after having not worked out in a while. Then, the instructor had us get into downward dog and rock back and forth a bit. I instantly felt a little pressure on my bladder and a little bit of pee slipped out. Between my primo position at the front of the class and my gray leggings, there was no hiding what had happened. I quickly rolled up my mat and got out of there—and never went back.”

Dating Disaster - Kim, 54

“After my divorce, I was hesitant to get back in the dating game. I had been burned by my ex and was nervous. I let time pass so that I could lick my wounds—and also did a good deal of therapy. Finally, I was ready to get back out there. I started chatting with a man on a dating app. He was sweet and seemed funny, so we decided to meet up for a coffee. When I arrived, he had selected a table outside and had ordered us both a latte. Things were going really well and we were connecting. At one point he cracked a hilarious joke and some pee slipped out. I totally froze but tried not to make it seem like there was anything wrong. Then he asked if I wanted to walk to a nearby park. I knew if I got up, he’d see I had leaked. So, I refused and told him he should go on ahead without me. I could tell he was thrown off by me abruptly ending our date, but I didn't know what else to do. Needless to say, I never heard from him again.”

Playground Problems - Alexa, 25

“My incontinence issues started towards the end of high school and got worse in college. I was a basketball player and noticed that the more I practiced, the worse my bladder issues got. I learned to live with it by wearing pads or just trying my best to hold it in. After college, I became a kindergarten teacher. I love how frank and funny kids are. One morning, I was in a rush and forgot to put a pad in. Big mistake. That day, at recess, my allergies got the best of me and I started sneezing. A bit of pee slipped out and it was impossible to hide—I was wearing white jeans. The worst part? A ton of my students noticed and started pointing out that Miss Alexa had an accident. Soon, it felt like the entire playground was laughing.”

Not So Sexy Times - Claire, 43

“I thought I had pretty much pee-proofed my life—afterall, I’ve been dealing with incontinence for years. I knew to avoid high impact workouts. I was careful anytime I sneezed or laughed and I avoided pants that were too tight. But I had no idea that leaking could occur to during sex—yup, that’s where this story is going. My husband and I were in the middle of sex, with me on top, when I literally peed on him. We both froze in shock. My husband was great about it, but I was mortified. I scrambled off him and hid in the bathroom for a long time, crying. He was sweet in trying to comfort me, but it was a long time before I was able to even attempt to have sex again.”

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